Keeping the year of Women empowerment in a view the organization has conducted a seminar cum workshop to make the people more positive towards women child. The organisation has focussed its light towards the women rights, health education status of the women and all other neglecting areas where she was ignored. The secretary has expressed his satisfaction regarding the Commitment of the organisation towards community service. He urged all the members to co- operate and assist in the activities. 


The organisation conducted in Gcpalganj District of Bihar State. Population stabilization has been a priority area for sustaining the process of economic development in the country. This has been also the focus of successive five-year plans. Bihar lags behind not only in containing population growth to manageable limits but also in realizing the goals fixed on the health front.

 As we know that the increased access to equality health care services has been one of the thrust areas of the social development programmes being undertaken in the country. Technological advances and the extension the infrastructure network has resulted in a decline in mortality. But the burden of disease continues to be important. Our Society organized a series of health camps on a regular basis in Gopalganj district of Bihar


The family welfare programme started by the society with the objective of reducing the  birth rate to the extent necessary to stabilise the population at a level consistent with the requirements of the national economy.

Society organised family welfare programme in many places of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh states. The literacy rate of the states are very low and the need of aware of the people fact that a small family is a healthy one. The effectively couple protected. About this programme main view of the society is to provide family planning services within the broader context of maternal and child health care. It    disseminates information and education to enable couples to make voluntary informed choices regarding size of the family and spacing through contraction.


The organisation conducted in Gopalganj District of Bihar State. To preserve our rich cultural heritage and traditions we organized dance, folk-song, drama etc. in which young and children participated in good number. Participants were also awarded for their presentation. In this programme our through the society attained renowned theatre actors & actress and show their programmes like Ramlila harishcandra Nalak and other classical & folk programmes.

 Drama, Dance competition, folk art festivals, Music etc. cultural show competition organised by society or entertainment of people and their welfare. A part this a meeting organised of folk artists  on the Ganghi jayanti. The culture of a country is regarded as accumulated intellectual, emotional and spiritual wealth of that nation. The present day our culture seems to be falling down, so we have the responsibility o sustain our culture and tradition through anyway whether we can do, so we organized many Programmes for it.


Due to backwardness, the rural area girls free knowledge less. Our society has been organize Girls knowledge quiz competition programme for moral & ideal knowledge development


Our society organize vocational training programme for youths who were unemployed and they have no job for their employment. Society organizes vocational training programmes in Sasamusa of Gopalganj district. There organize tailoring; jute made goods, T.V, & Mobile repairing courses